15 Creative, Thoughtful Gifts for People Who Have Everything

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift isn’t always easy, especially when shopping for that person who has everything. Rather than go with a materialistic and generic present (like candy hearts), why not think of something more meaningful? Put in some effort to get your loved one something unique – take an interest in their hobbies or passions and pick up on new things they might have never considered. Though nothing quite compares to spending quality time together, showing appreciation through tangible gifts can be just as significant!

Need some ideas to make your Valentine swoon? With carefully-chosen gifts like indoor herb gardens, warm-water bidets, and cozy leggings on our list this year, there are plenty of unique options for surprising someone special – even if you don’t have a big budget. For the foodie in your life why not try an unexpected home kitchen upgrade with one of these showstopping herbal beauties! And who says it has to be all tangible treats anyway? Subscription boxes let those with particular interests explore new finds they may never have thought up themselves without breaking the bank; plus snuggling up together is always free (and encouraged!).

Need the perfect gift that will make your special someone smile? Look no further than our amazing selection of thoughtful, unique, and personalized presents from some great brands. From Bearaby to Lululemon – and every stop in between! Don’t delay though; time is running out for you to show how much you care this February 14th (just don’t forget about those shipping deadlines!)

Hatch Restore Alarm Clock

For night owls wanting to make the switch to a morning routine, this revolutionary SELF Certified clock offers an ideal solution. Combining light therapy, soundscape and reading lamp into one device; it helps ease tired eyes into gentle wakefulness with its sunrise simulation – gradually brightening as bedtime nears for improved sleep quality too!

Bindle Bottle (24 oz.)

Even the person who has it all will be surprised to find they don’t yet own a Bindle water bottle! Now they can carry their keys, money, credit cards and snacks – conveniently all in one. With its handle on top of the lid, this nifty product isn’t just your average H2O holder; think of it as an everyday accessory that doubles as both a drinking vessel AND portable storage!

Name Plate Necklace

Name plate necklace are an elegant and thoughtful way to show someone special how much they mean to you. Choose from a variety of precious metals like gold, silver, and titanium, or even opt for luxurious gemstones, to create an unforgettable piece that’s sure to bring a smile to their face. Opt for a classic script font or a delicate hand-drawn design – the possibilities are endless! With its timeless appeal, name plate necklaces make the perfect gift for any occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to graduations and more.

Acupressure Mat Set

After a long day of stress and hard work, they can relax into this soothing mat that features needle-like nodes to massage pressure points from the neck all along their back. Its gentle touch will help release built up tension for better sleep quality away from any worries or strain accumulated throughout the day.

Dame Eva

Spice up your love life with this innovative couples’ sex toy; it will give the one you love an unprecedented level of stimulation. Its unique design contours around their labia, providing clitoral pleasure while they enjoy other activities – making sure both partner’s needs are met!

Atlas Coffee Subscription

Travel around the world with every sip of coffee! Atlas Coffee Club makes it easy for café connoisseurs to explore unique flavors and origins, delivering freshly-roasted beans right to your door. Enjoy an array of international blend options like frothy lattes, smooth drip coffees or perfectly crafted French press cups – each one as flavorful as a passport stamp.

Spanx Soft & Smooth Active 7/8 Leggings

This Valentine’s Day gift for her is sure to be a hit! These luxurious leggings have already won an award, and are soft enough that she’ll never want take them off – whether it’s lounging on the couch or powering through an intense workout. Trust us: you can’t go wrong with this one-of-a kind present.

Homme Sur La Lune Custom Pet Portrait

Celebrate your beloved pet in the most unique way – with a personalized portrait! This one-of-a-kind art piece combines fun and nostalgia to make any animal lover howl with laughter. Give their furry friend a place of honor on the wall, forever preserved for future generations’ appreciation.

Our Place Always Pan

Transform your kitchen with the revolutionary SELF Fave Always Pan! This remarkable multi-tasker is a showstopper that combines beautiful design and maximum practicality. It’s the perfect tool for any occasion, whether you’re hosting grand dinner parties or cooking up an intimate family meal of noodles and tacos. Meals have never been easier to enjoy in style!

Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book

This Valentine’s Day, give a timeless gift to your special someone. With an Artifact Uprising keepsake photo book, you can create lasting memories that won’t be forgotten in the back of some drawer – but will proudly take center-stage! Put together sights from incredible trips with your partner, honor ancestral histories for parents or show love and nostalgia to loved ones abroad…there are endless ways to make this meaningful gesture unforgettable.

Qubii Photo Storage Drive

Have you heard about the amazing multitasking gadget that not only charges your phone quickly, but also automatically backs up all of your photos? It truly is a must-have for anyone on the go who wants to stay connected!

The Birthdate Book

Show your astrology-loving pal that you care about their interests by gifting them a one-of-a kind book, crafted specially for the day they were born! This unique tome contains all of the qualities and characteristics ascribed to when they first came into this world – plus it has a thoughtful dedication page written just for them.

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

Prepare to show how much you care this Valentine’s Day with the gift of connection and intimacy! Use these cards to spark conversation with your partner, family member, or friend like never before. Then throw in an expansion pack for even more fun – just pick one that fits each relationship best!

Lululemon Water Bottle Crossbody Bag

Give them the convenience of always having their trusty water bottle at arm’s reach with this stylish Lululemon crossbody sling. Not to mention, it has plenty of room for all your must-haves like keys and chapstick!

Mejuri Bold Round Signet Ring

This classic signet ring is the perfect way to symbolize your relationships. From friends and family, to romantic partners – its unisex style looks great on everyone! You can even customize it with an engraving – nothing says ‘besties forever’ like a matching set of rings that echo one another’s beauty & grace. It’s the modern take on friendship bracelets you didn’t know you needed!

Tushy Classic Bidet

Looking for the perfect surprise gift? Consider a bidet! The SELF Fave Tushy is an all-inclusive hygiene experience with adjustable spray intensity and angle, front and rear wash settings, AND it looks great too. Plus your giftee will be grateful every day – pampered derrières are worth celebrating!