New tabletop board games and TCGs for summer 2021

Maybe there is no e3 again this year but Gencon, equivalent to the table, will advance this September at the usual Indianapolis house, USA. Most British gamers cannot get the opportunity to attend but there are alternatives in the UK Game Expo recently at Birmingham NEC.
The famous spotlight of the event includes the opportunity to play a new 3D version of Catan, which at £ 300 may look like it is only for high rollers but destined to be part of each wishlist secret gamer.
There is also an exclusive game of the world from the descendants of the upcoming Dungeon Crawler: Legends of the Dark, that when released later this month will be a must buy and be in the spotlight this year for many people.
Like video games, pandemics have thrown the publisher schedule to the wind, creating a lot of uncertainty and delay. For tabletop games even though it has unexpected benefits to rotate summer – when it’s usually not much released – into a very busy period, so the British weather does our best to keep us all in the room, we have seen some of the most interesting latest releases .

Age Warhammer from Sigmar 3rd Edition: Dominion

Warhammer Sigmar’s era: Dominion is a large set of miniature fantasy battles released last month for the launch of the 3rd edition of Sigmar. The strict new rules come in the core rule book illustrated beautifully and make it a must for fans of Warhammer Fantasy Universe. Most of these books are dedicated to sigmar’s age knowledge, so it is also a good introduction to franchise. With two new troops with a total of 60 miniatures, plus related stat, this is a pretty package that justifies the same price.
Miniatures in the amazing box, with stormcast eternals that look like Greek gods and the corresponding synistered orruk model that makes the future the age of Sigmar look very exciting. If you feel flush, the new extremist starter set also contains enough terrain to change your kitchen to the main epic battle zone between good and evil.

Game Against Office – The Office (TV Series) Themed Game Against (Digital Dowload)

Game Against Office – The Office (TV Series)

This is an unofficial expansion for similar games. Based on many loved TV series, office. A Cockumentary in a group of typical office workers, where business days consist of ego clashes, inappropriate behavior, and Tedium.

Thousands of people have ever enjoyed it!

US office is still a gold comedy and we are happy that we can now combine their humor with those loved against the game.

It’s fun for a while, but when you have played the same joke “your mother” a joke for a hundredth time, the original package can be a little boring. Cards against humanity the office.

Adventure in Forgotten Realms – Magic: The Gathering

The beach guide has their best financial year, so it is supported by this success of cross between the basement & dragon and magic: the meeting gives the best players from both worlds. This set is equipped with 327 cards and allows magic players to explore the new world for the first time.
This is a Pick ‘n’ mix of the best bits of Dungeons & Dragon and the entry point that can be accessed for both franchises. The best new mechanics are exploring to the basement and can develop through the rooms, but just be careful with the old Gnawbone Green Dragon Stompy that is very loved. It feels very entertaining to play a familiar character and give a classic mantra, but D & D is about creating your own story and these cards are a large introduction to those who want to know more about knowledge.

Park: Board game


Summer holidays mean out and about in nature, and although it is possible the best to commit to collecting, the park is respect to the US National Park and their extraordinary sights. This is one of the most handsome games, with amazing aesthetic art deco, and it will look as good as your coffee table as your gaming rack.
Gameplay involves trekking through different paths in all four seasons this year, gathering their memories when you leave. These memories are represented by various resource tokens, such as mountains and forests, and you can also collect canteens and take photos for points on each of the four hiking that form the game.
Have fun blocking your family from tiles that are very coveted with camping in the best room and, just like a place of beauty, more and more players involved more and more playing games from Sun Lounger’s fist fight. Campervan games that can be accessed perfectly, parks have incredible production quality – so you don’t have to worry about it left in the rain.


Cute Brew Comic Style denies the problem being debated in the forest: damaged time and each season is at once, creating a beautiful chaos. Players are forest mystics and need to tame extraordinary forest creatures and use their magic to bring back balance. Use dice elements, recruit forest creatures, and brewing concoctions that will help you win a dead roll to get back nature at paid off.
After the fourth round, the game ends and players count their points. Points are obtained from forests, released beings, brewed herbs, VP tokens, and remaining ingredients, and players with the highest score are the winners.

Pokémon TCG: Sword & SHIELD – Reign Chilling

Pokémon TCG

While some people may not enjoy Pokémon Go Fest, there are many who will be passionate in the game card game, because Pokémon from frozen land comes to the table. Catching Pachirisu The Ice Squirrel can involve a significant trip in Pokemon Go but everything is a little easier when you just open a booster package.

The art of an amazing card utilizes the winter theme and describes the Lolongan Blizzards while introducing new strategies and strength for coaches to explore. This expansion has eight Pokémon Vmax, including Sandaconda with the form of Gigantamax, Blaziken, and Celebi. This expansion looks like it can overthrow the voltage that is clear as the best sword & expansion of the shield so far. Pokémon TCG: Sword & SHIELD – Reign Chilling.

Vienna Connection

The Cold War may look like ancient history for some people but taking the role of the CIA agent who investigates the mysterious death of American citizens in Vienna is a tense and entertaining arrangement for board games. Transported back to 1977, players traveling around Europe visited a dozen destinations and found secrets.
You must manage colorful resources and characters such as your informants, which are usually open to bribes for some useful information. This game will scratch your detective and make the night brain removers when you break the report code. Remember: Trust anyone, it’s the only way to outsmate the enemy. Information obtained from secret messages and tapping conversations from the start in the game became very important for how the story continues and concludes later, which is very smart.