The best games of 2021

Why why wait until the end of the year to hear about the best game?
Know which games help define the year in entertainment, or encourage the state of the art in some capacity, is a great way to get a sense where the industry can go. It’s the beginning of the year, so this list is rather thin. It’s almost like there are other factors that might slow down the development above the launch of the new console generation. However, it was never too fast to give the spotlight at the best job of this year.
You might pay attention to the inclusion of a game that is fully released or available in early access before 2021. Because many games change from patches to fillings, especially year to year, we can enter a significant available game in the year or available on a platform that substantially impacts on how The game is experienced.
Without further Ado, here are Polygon’s favorite games in 2021, until now.

Head of 5 strikers

Persona 5 Strikers

When the characters all dive into new prisons – themed after Draconian Castle, Carnival, and more – we still move through the shadow. This might be a musou game, but we still phantom thieves. As in RPG, I slipped on the enemy and started the battle with a stealth attack. But when the battle erupted, I removed my menu and was thrown into a fight that was mostly real-time.
A dozen shadows erupted from the enemy I had just attacked, and the small arena was formed around where I started the battle. Instead of issuing orders, I pounded the button or entered Kombo to make the joker cut the enemy with his knife. At any time, I can exchange one of three other Phantom thieves at my party.
I can call my Mid-Combo person or hold the button to select a number of movements to attack my enemy. And that’s when the action stops. This battle may be large and fast, but this is still a persona game. Different personas and shadows have different weaknesses, and I can freeze time at any time to draw strong wind attacks from Zorro, Morgana Persona. By striking the weaknesses of the enemy, my team and I can execute an all-out attack, damaging all the enemies nearby.
This is the general flow of Persona 5 strikers’ battle. Phantom thieves and I fight with a quick fight and then stop to do the weakness of the enemy. And the striker really nailed the battle of Persona 5, because it became a different genre at all. I’m thinking about how to balance my sp (where) with how much damage I can cause with my regular attack during each battle.

Hitman 3

In other meanings, this is a brave evolution of Hitman franchise narrative elements. In fact, the story you want to tell Interactive in concluding that the trilogy of the murder in Hitman 3 is sometimes prioritized on the ethos of the sandbox series gameplay. When 47 began to emphasize his own will, players occasionally lost some controls – and exchanges, which resulted in a more directional esque-campaign experience, very valuable. IO made goodness in the three-match character building for 47 and his teammate, gave a narrative reward level that I never expected from a series known to cross Hiji ridiculous among the times of the opera spy drama.

Game Against The Iron Throne – G.O.T Game Against

Box against Staon Iron is a party game for terrible people.
Contains 280 cards for maximum recycling.
Thousands of people have ever enjoyed it! Cards against the iron throne.

Game Against The Iron Throne – G.O.T Game AgainstValheim

Craft games and survival often involve a rough start and bitter mill before the player can achieve a sweet experience of building a massive base, hunting dangerous bosses, and conquering a hostile world. Even the game of survival success stories like rust has received updates after the release to make everything easier and more accessible for new players.
Valheim, on the contrary, is $ 19.99 and is very accessible. The player took the viking role given after eternal death by Odin himself. One Odin crow appears to provide a tutorial, and the game distributes tools slowly when you get the basics of terraforming, agriculture, battle, bosses, and crafts. You can’t enter too deep without understanding your initial tool, and that gives a good rating for the game. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a long punch tree to get wood before you can enter real action.
I just met a small bug for 20 hours in the game. I can play with up to nine friends, and it’s very easy to connect to someone else’s server. I can even connect the controller without problems. This might sound like a small achievement, but they are also a problem that even AAA games like Fallout 76 struggle by applying, so it is very relieving to avoid such chaos.

Super Mario 3D World and Fury Bowser

Super Mario 3D World and Bowser’s Fury

I will not go as far as saying Super Mario 3D World is my favorite entry in a multi-storey franchise. I would say it’s the most likely entry I recommend to newcomers and fans who return it to video games in adulthood. Four multiplayer features four players help. And there is sincere comfort on adventure reliability and consistency, such as listening to the biggest hits Fleetwood Mac.
To stretch the comparison with the snapping point: while most people prefer the biggest hits album, the most obsessive Mac Fleetwood fans (read: me) would prefer to listen to TUSK, an experimental album band that is not 100% bangers, but emits the personality of ambitious intentions and Sometimes it’s astray. I received that I could not spend this whole review talking about Tusk, Fleetwood Mac’s best album and least valued, but, patient readers, I can tell you about Fury Bowser: The Tusk of Mario Games.
At first, Fury Bowser seems very different from other Mario 3D games. Mario stands on the beach, surrounded by coins and platforming blocks and ordinary criminals. But in a long distance located a set of other platforms, and further in the distance, more platforms still. Imagine Super Mario 64, but instead of discrete stages, each location is an island in the Grand Islands.
The scope of flooding, similar to the Super Mario Galaxy stages full of satellite planets, where Mario looks like a small spot in unlimited vacancy. And similar to the original Super Mario Galaxy, the opening scope of Bowser’s Fury’s open world does not allow for artistic accuracy of other Mario games.


No one asked Universe Pong Cinematic, but the QPPP PC game was here to provide it. This is probably one of my favorite games throughout the year.
I was fascinated by the opening moment of the game. It looks like a pong clone, but I don’t control the paddle. However, I realized that I could press the button and change the direction of the ball, and it became my first challenge: Make sure the ball passed the paddle, because I was fed up back and forth.
It’s time to escape, and that escape will take the rest of the game, which can be defeated in two to three hours, depending on your level of expertise.
The Qomp world is the most black and white maze of obstacles and enemies, and the only way the player can interact with it is to press one button to change the direction of the ball. There he is. This is a matter of time, patience, and visualizing angles. Everything goes down to the ball towards, where it will go if you press the button to change the track, and where it should go to the side to stay on the road to freedom.

Climbing 2

The Climb 2

Climbing 2 on the Quest Oculus 2 is Crytek’s both passes to bring a single climbing to virtual reality, and it is doozy. The first game focuses on natural features located in a largely static environment, but the sequel introduces cityscapes and turns on experience with interactive animals and other disorders, surprises, or pleasure. For a very surprising moment, I found myself dealing with an face with Rattlesnake, who immediately bite me, causing me to lose the grip and fall into my virtual death.