Delfonics Rollbahn Spiral Notebook

The Best Gifts for Writers

The author is not easy to shop as you think. Yes, you can always buy him a book, but what if they already have it? Pen is a good thought too, but as we have learned, people can be very special about the tools they might hold throughout the day. And the bookmark may look like a funny idea, but is it something very small so it might appear as a reflection? To ensure your name makes a dedication to the author in your next book, or playing, or script, we ask for more than a dozen writers about the types of gifts they will receive and the prizes they consider worthy of being distributed. for their own writer friends. Below, many of their advice, along with a handful of gifts approved by other writers we have written for years.

Kate and Laurel Calter Framed Linen Pin Pin Board

Kate and Laurel Calter Framed Linen Fabric Pin Board

If, like the author of Alice Gregory, the writer in your life has trouble regulating thinking and files and very close to turning into a red string man, he said the bulletin board might be a gift for them. Gregory told us that he bought one for himself in an effort to “avoid a group of documents,” and have used it since then. The recommendation is this style of this style, which he said has a rare “non-aluminum frame” and the white linen surface, making it a little more special and musty than your average bulletin board. Gregory added: “It will look very impressively wrapped in paper with a bow.”

Quartet magnetic board

For a more affordable twist on the same theme, Gregory also recommended this whiteboard, which he bought for an additional planning room after filling his bulletin board. It’s magnetic, so you can still live a page or other inspiration for it, and the surface of the writing that can be removed can be useful for someone whose ideas continue to change.

Confidant Baron Fig Notebook

The four authors who talk to suggest good notebooks (or empty sketches) as an affordable and wise way to show your affection. Tayari Jones, American wedding writer, told us that he liked the dot-grid layout of the pastist notebook from the Baron Fig (our favorite pen maker) because, to him, it was a media that was dressed and the empty wide open. “I feel like the line is too controlling and the blank page doesn’t give me enough structure, so the dot nil-grid feels like space between the space,” he said. Jones also liked how the notebook was sewn hand, which he said made them feel artisanal even though they were quite cheap to be dirty. When we tested 100 notebooks here on a strategist, this one landed at the top (at number 36), with our editor Alexis Swerdloff noted that “pre-online, the print strategy only named this in 2015.”

Delfonics Rollbahn Spiral Notebook

For a slightly cheaper notebook, Hunter Harris’s author (former New York magazine colleague) swore with this spiral rollbahn notebook, who took eighth place in our exam against 100 notebooks and also became the favorite of Jia Tolentino’s writer, who had previously told us that it was very important for the process. Harris, who noted that he was “writing in this baby before” Tolentino told us about it, saying he had “around two dozen tucked on the shelf and in a drawer between the house and my desk,” and took one day. Increasing its appeal to the praise of the third writer, the strategic contributor Hannah Morril, who told us back in 2016 about how he likes several reasons, including a durable outer cover, non-flat paper, and plastic. arm behind for other receipts and other ephemera.

Delfonics Rollbahn Spiral Notebook

Muji recycled paper sketchbook

A writer with a larger vision may feel bored by a lined notebook listed above. That’s where SketchBooks goes in. According to Eilene Zimmerman, the author who was hit: the story of the ambition of white collar, addiction, and tragedy, their non-striped pages allowed you to “flex the different creative muscles that increase muscle writing,” whether it is through sketches on them (as he did when Words are not coming) or only use the freedom they provide to regulate thinking in an unusual way. Hernan Diaz, the author in the distance, received this F4 (large) sketchbook from Muji last year from fellow writers, and told us the format “has had a great effect on my writing.”

Bic Brite Liner Highlighter, Tip Chisel, Various Colors, 5-Counts

“Because I’m a writer, people think I need a blank page, which is sweet,” Zimmerman said. “But most of us write on computers, not Longhand.” While the author may not write on the paper page, they still have to flip through (and often mark them) when they read their draft or someone else, which is why Zimmerman said a writer would appreciate the new package from the highlighters. This is his favorite. “They are the thinnest you can get, so you can be very right,” he explained.

Note Post-IT Super Sticky, Various Sizes

“His post is another great gift,” according to Zimmerman, who added that “every writer I know uses a lot.” He said the two sets above made the post-IT packet very musty. The top package of various sizes includes “a square area that helps you make a short list and a small box to mark something you want to go back (with space to write why),” he explained, “very thin, rectangular” marker page ” Good for marking certain sentences on the page. ”

Italian paper clamp fermatoli


Like the post, giving a paper clamp might not sound sexy, but Gregory ensures that this Italian paper clamp will be a small pleasure for every writer with files in all places. He told us that he loved it very much for their European origin as he did for their functionality. “The form of their strange triangle actually brings together a stack of paper that is thicker than normal paper clamp,” Gregory told us, adding that they came in the “elegant silver box” which reminded him of the Sialetti Stovetop espresso maker.